Edward Murtagh

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7032 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase MD, 20815

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Ed grew up in the town of Chevy Chase.  In addition to being a licensed realtor, Ed is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional.  He has been managing his own rental portfolio for over 20 years.  Ed is especially interested in sustainable design and in materials and practices that reduce environmental impact.

Ed has been formally recognized by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection for his efforts as the 2012 “Community Volunteer and Advocate for Restoring Stream Health in Montgomery County.”   He was also designated as the 2015 federal “Sustainability Hero” by the White House for his efforts as a Sustainable Operations Manager to implement sustainability programs at the U. S Department of Agriculture Headquarters Facilities.

He passionately believes that we can build, furnish, and maintain beautiful, functional homes while respecting the natural environment.